Hello, I am Anthony "AG" Griggs and I would like to welcome you to AG Squared Networks.  The fact that you decided to visit this website is not a coincidence.  You may know me as a speaker, author, motivator and coach. What you probably don't realize is that throughout my life, I have also sought out those who could speak life into me through spoken and written words --people who could encourage me, motivate me and coach me through times of uncertainty...times of transition.  I needed a NET that would catch me, that would WORK for me...SO, you are definitely not here by accident.


The services/programs that we offer at AG Squared Networks are effective and impactful because we take time to listen to you and your unique concerns.  We then customize our services/programs to offer solutions that can help meet your needs. Whether you are a salesperson, solopreneur, student, athlete, executive or just someone who is ready for change, we are here to help you WIN !!


Continue to browse the website and discover all the ways AG Squared Networks can be the NET that WORKS for you.




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The NET that WORKS for you!
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